Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Break!

I am finally home again. Man...freshmen year there was so much open space and time to do whatever. I came home every once and a while to visit my friends and family, but now that's barely an option. This year and last I've only come home on the school's breaks. Now, my schedule is busy busy busy all the time. I'm so glad to be home where I can do absolutely nothing.

I've been playing a lot of Guitar Hero: World Tour the past day and a half, and I must is spectacular. Sucks for the singer because for some reason the font is all squished looking so it's tough to read, but I think that's my only complaint. Maybe it's just the TV I'm using? When my buddy Mike and I were playing yesterday, we made up our own lyrics to songs that we thought were boring. We would take turns singing lyrics and watch as our "song" spiraled into a horrible horrible NSFW situation, but it was still really fun and hilarious. Mike has a talent with improv. I wish he went to WAC...he'd so be on the improv team. Mostly Junk!! I got really excited when we played Misery Business and Hayley Williams walked out on stage. That was cool. I mean...the graphics are kind of crappy...but she had the orange hair, and Paramore and her are a bunch of badasses.

It was great playing with Daniel and Rachel. They are the coolest people to have for siblings. We get along so well and there's nothing like when we're all three together. No one can keep up. I love it.

Tomorrow (technically today) is Thanksgiving! I'm so excited to EAT! Happy Thanksgiving!

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