Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Pilot

Hello interwebbers, get ready for a long read! It's the beginning, mmk? I've wanted to start a blog for... oh, maybe a year now, and I've finally got around to doing it. I have a knack for putting things off.

My lovely girlfriend, Claire, has an awesome blog called Intransit, and reading hers made me want to make one even more.

So I've been told I'm animated and I've been flat out told I'm a cartoon character, so now you have no need to inquire about the blog's title. Welcome to my animated series! MA LIFE!

Let's start from the beginning and do some character analysis: When I was younger, I was imaginative, I was creative, and I was sometimes really annoying. I made weird noises all the time, and I mimicked everything! My toy supply consisted of pretty much only action figures. I lived out in the boonies, so I didn't have a lot of friends over until I was older. As my brother got older, I played by myself more and more. WOW! This sounds pathetic! What I'm getting at is that I did the voices for an entire cast of superheroes and supervillains all by myself. I copied the voices on the radio, the voices in cartoons, and the voices of everyone around me (this was the annoying part). I still remember seeing the voice acting scene in Mrs. Doubtfire and being utterly fascinated! I also saw an interview with Rob Paulsen, voice of the original Ninja Turtles' Raphael, on Regis, and later an interview with Christine Cavanaugh, voice of Rugrats' Chuckie, on Nickelodeon. I went insane when I saw live action cartoon characters. In the back of my mind, voice acting was always a career I would have loved to pursue, but would never believe it was actually possible. (ooh...Billie Jean just came on. I love this song... dun...dun...dun...dun...shacka chish shh!)

So let's fast forward a few years. When I was 13 years old I met someone that would forever change who I am and who I will be. I met my best friend in the world, Ben. And if anyone ever tells me that Dragonball Z can't change the world, I will shove a TV down your throat and watch all 276 episodes through you, you jerk. Dragonball Z is the whole reason I met my best friend, Ben. I don't feel like elaborating on that, but it's true. So Ben and I get a bunch of DBZ action figures and start making stop-animation movies using them. We split the voice cast, and I usually had the bigger half. It was amazing. In fact, I want to do that ...right now.

So freshmen year of high school comes around. At this time, my older sister, Rachel, is a member of the show choir and her stories of laughter and fun performances told me I wanted to join this group. This was my first time ever in chorus since elementary school, where the hardest thing we ever did was clap our hands during "The wheels on the bus." Show Choir required harmonies, facial expression, body language and...dancing. Yeah, I'm a dancer, baby. I'm so glad I took Show Choir because it taught me how to be comfortable in front of a crowd. I think it was a better idea than taking Drama, which had always been recommended to me, but I never did it. I'm not accusing everyone, but a lot of times people are what I like to call "high school actors," and they don't always get out of it. It breaks them. If you're wondering why I'm glad, it's because when I later got to college and tried out for a show as a favor, I found out how much I love acting. Not only do I love it, I'm pretty damn good too. I even ended up being a Drama Major here at Washington College with a minor in Creative Writing.

Acting saved me, and it's my comfort because I was starting to get worried about my future. Senior year of high school I was under the impression I was going to be an English and Creative Writing teacher. I love to write, but man, I hate to read. What kind of teacher would I be? "Mr. Holland, I don't understand this part." Well, I didn't read it, stupid...I'm the teacher! I had taken a Communication Arts class during the second semester of my senior year and found I was very skilled with a video camera and editing software. That summer, after already being accepted to Washington College, I started to have second thoughts. Did I want to attend a film school? Obviously, my parents were not happy with my doubts. I went to WAC, and it has all worked out. I've even won and placed in several video competitions at WAC, so I didn't have to stop filming. I just love it. I've found some real passions here - Acting, improv, sketch, and stand up comedy. I love it all, and I hope to eventually share it with more and more people. I've met some amazing people...people that I never want to part with, and when I thought things couldn't get any better, I met the love of my life, Claire. We will have been together for two years in January, and she's still an incredible girl. She went home for Thanksgiving break yesterday, and I already miss her. She is the only reason that I think Winter Break is too long. She's smart, she's beautiful, and she puts up with me. If you want to lose a debate, try and tell me you're a cuter couple than us. I love you, Claire!

I'll have my last thoughts here, so you guys can just tune in for the next episode and not be subjected to such a long read. Please enjoy my most recent stand up routine. It's about a great memory from freshmen year. (feel free to check out the rest of my youtube videos as well...)



katie a. said...

you're kind of my hero corey. i can't say i'm surprised at your spectacular stand-up skillz. :]

Laura said...

Billie Jean? Boy, have you got ADD. :) Welcome to blogland!