Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ok... I had a wonderful weekend, but I can barely focus on it because of how much my week has sucked.

Friday night, Claire and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary, which was wonderful, and I had a great weekend.

Saturday night, I stayed up sort of late, as I do on many occasions, and when I finally went to bed, I just couldn't sleep. My back was sort of aching, and I tried to stretch it to make it feel better, but it only got steadily worse. It was well past 4:00 am and my back was really bothering me, though I attempted to deny the fact that the pains were very familiar. They felt just like they did right before I went to the hospital at 5 am during my senior year of high school to find out I had a kidney stone. That was awful. Finally, I couldn't deny it anymore and I called my mom and she thought it was best to wake up a friend and go to the hospital.

I woke my friend/RA, Mike, up and told him I needed to be taken to the hospital. Without asking any questions, he quickly got ready and we went. After 4 or 5 hours of pain, nausea, medication, cat scans, and doctors and nurses switching shifts, I was back at my dorm, only to get sick again. Yes, indeed, I had another kidney stone. The rest of the day was not awful next to that morning.

Monday was great. I had little pain, went to the dining hall, had company, and was doing alright. Unfortunately, Tuesday until now has been terrible. I have had constant pain, missed several classes, and woken up at 4:55 am every morning. This. Sucks.

It better be over soon. I read online that most adults pass them between 1 and 4 weeks. It better be closer to one, or I'm going to go crazy. :(

Saturday, January 17, 2009

In the booth, baby!

I have some very exciting news! Exciting to me, anyway, and if it's not exciting to you, S my D. If you choose the ladder, sorry, I'm charging superpowers these days.

First off, New Year's with my darling Claire was fantastic. I love visiting Claire, and to my delight even the ride there was quite smooth. Considering these days boredom is my only worry when driving distances longer than an hour, I'd say it was a quite successful trip. Claire and I did what we do best, and that's entertain ourselves with each other's company. Not that an occasional trip out isn't nice, but I feel that if you can spend the entire day with someone doing what some may define as "nothing," but still have the time of your life, you have found someone special. Whether it be with shackles, chloroform, or simply treating her right with love and passion, you'll want to hang out to that one, sonny.

We ate pizza, pasta,'. Buuut no matter what the name, it was pa-leasing to me! We also saw Yes Man, which was overall a great movie with some very real moments if that makes any sense. I enjoyed it. It was a great visit, and I'm ready to see her again on Sunday when we go back to school! :D

Here's some sweet news! Over the summer, a DVD called Adventures in Voice Acting was finally released after being announced two years ago... When I bought the DVD, I also signed up for newsletter updates online, which usually announced upcoming Voice Acting Workshops in LA. I knew I should unsubscribe because it was just a tease to me, but for some reason I enjoyed reading about stuff I couldn't do. It's not like this was a long email either, we're talking about back-sleeve type of a text, which I would read several times to make sure "Los Angeles" wouldn't fade into "Corey's Living Room."

So a little while back one of the updates said they had a workshop in New York. Wow! On the Eastern Shore? I was very excited, but had missed the time. Well, maybe I'd go to the next New York one. Then there was an area where you could request a workshop near you. You bet I did! I typed Maryland on there quite a few times. Sure enough, a few nights ago, I got an email saying they were holding a workshop in DC! WOO! I signed up and paid the next morning. There's only 15 slots open, and I GOT ONE!

Very exciting. I can't wait! I actually get to go in a studio with a voice director and record and practice in the booth. It's going to be way too much fun.

Aside from that, a couple guys from my school are starting a small talent agency and they emailed me asking if I'd like to be represented as a comedian! That's pretty awesome. We're going to meet about it when we get back to school next week. At the very least, that is a really nice gesture, and considering I only do stand up at open mics for fun, what have I got to lose? Sounds like a lot of fun, and possibly being a working comedian in college is really awesome.

I'm so ready for next semester. Voice Acting Workshop, Stand Up, Improv, Playwriting, and I've even chosen my thesis - Baby with the Bathwater by Christopher Durang. Let's do it.