Thursday, March 19, 2009

I don't understand people...

A recent comment left on one of my competitor's video...

This video sucks! I judge movies based on two key criteria: number of reasons Corey Holland think he's the shit and overall pretentious, jerkoff attitude. This piece of shit contained neither! All I got out of this was a couple of fun, goofy guys showing some cool things about Washington College. What bullshit! ...

If you share my taste in films and want to a see a real moviemaking masterpiece, check out the one Corey Holland made. It's FILLED with reasons Corey Holland think he's the shit and is simply bursting with condescension: my kind of movie! I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure these bitches don't win the prize money, because they're planning on giving it all to charity, and I think charity is totally gay. Fuck you guys. Corey Holland is great.

...if you can't tell. That's sarcasm. T_T I found this to be very insulting and I can't believe someone would be so flat out mean. I ignore silly comments like "this sucks" or whatever, but to write something so detailed and to personally attack me by name... ouch.

I should just stop making films. It always makes me seem like a pretentious jerk. I'm not, though. I strive to do the best I can on my projects and I have high standards FOR MYSELF. I don't consider myself that good, so every time I make a film, I try to make it better than my previous ones.

I can't stand people. I try to keep an optimistic view on every part of my life and that has really done a lot for me, yet I still have to be treated like I'm an asshole? Why does someone else think I don't have the right to be in this competition just because I'm competing with someone they support? I'm tired of people saying that my video makes me look full of myself! It's "What's your WAC?!" I did it! My WAC is all about acting, improv, performance, and videos! Back. OFF! Geez... would it have been better if at one point I said, "I auditioned, but wasn't cast, in such plays as According to Goldman, This is Our Youth, and Fat Pig." Should I have gone over a few bad grades I've had in school? Cover my failures or something? I'm sorry that my approach makes a student look like he's succeeding and enjoying his school, and I am!

...I can't wait for this weekend.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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