Monday, November 24, 2008

Supermassive Black HOOOOLE!

I'm listening to Muse's Supermassive Black Hole. Man, that's a good one. Muse is such a strange and unique band. That haunting bridge in Knights of Cydonia... oh MAN! Gotta use that in a movie sometime.

Or will YouTube once again rob me of my movies? Lately, youtube has made its goal to remove all of my favorite videos from my youtube channel. They took away not my favorite, but my most popular video, which is very important! It's my breadwinner! It was a video for AFI's summer shudder, and that was how I tricked people into coming to my channel to look at my stupid videos. It had over 40,000 fews and had really weird 14 year old emo girls trying to get my AIM screenname and e-assholes calling me a fag. CAN YOU SEE HOW IMPORTANT IT IS??? (I wasn't even planning on ranting about this) So a couple weeks later I get an email telling me Late For Class has been taken down as well!! GAH! What's the deal? I own the song, why can't I make them an awesome music video? I bet Sum 41 would appreciate it. I was able to get it back up on youtube with a new song provided by youtube, Step Up by Drowning Pool, which is apparently approved. It fits...ok, but when I edit I go for audio timing, so all of that is shot. In the original song, Tony freezes mid-air because there is a drop in the guitar audio, buuut now he just freezes for no apparent reason. Ah well, it's cool anyway. Summer Shudder is back up under its short story alias, "The Rain," and has a stupid instrumental track behind it making me look like an abstract indie-film artist. ...HA!

Today's been a good day. My professor, Michele, questioned why I wanted to hug her on occastion. Well, first of all, Professa V, you are totally awesome, and secondly, Larry won't hug me.

My boss Brian brought his lil dog, Nacho the Chihuahua, with him today. I was talking to him in his office (Brian's office...not Nacho's) when I noticed a small, brown animal trotting around. I alerted Brian immediately of the intruder's presence. He was surprisingly aware... O_o; haha It's the most precious thing. I don't think I'd want a chihuahua, but Nacho seems like a cool little dude. Claire, I freaking want a dog named Link! What's wrong with naming a dog after the Hero of Time? Maybe she'll just have to watch me play Zelda for hours upon hours until she understands... Oooh... now I get it, she says. Claire claims that she did not know any guys at her high school that had played Zelda. That CAN'T be true!! I'll tell you something about guys from Claire's high school... THEY ARE NO FRIENDS OF MINE!

Claire's at home watching movies on her TV, which has a severe case of elephantitis (Wiki has just told me that that's a common misconception. It's actually "elephantiasis"). I miss Claire already. I didn't have a huge appetite at dinner, so looks like it's going to be a pizza or McDonald's night...without Claire??? Ah! Going home tomorrow baby! YEAH!


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claire said...

My high school friends are cool! And we NEED to use those college cards asap.