Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Filler Episode

TL;DR: 3rd Place in What's Your WAC, ready for 24 Hour Challenge, did some schtuff, gonna do some schtuff.

This show needs a new episode. It's like when Dragonball Z was on and they weren't finished dubbing the next saga so they just showed the previous sagas again and again and again...but hey, I still watched them. That's why I know such an usual amount of information about Dragonball Z; because I've seen every episode a dozen times. So I'm assuming all of my readers are now very familiar with the previous episodes. Today's entry is just dedicated to updating, I don't really have much to rant about or make fun of.

On the last episode, our hero was battling for his prize in the What's Your WAC video competition and even had the support of Tom Fulp, the creator of Newgrounds, and easily one of the coolest people in the world. Tom put me on the front page of newgrounds and within a day, I had hundreds more votes than before. It was incredible how this internet community supported me and expressed so much concern for me despite most of them not knowing me. It didn't matter who I was, it was the fact that a newgrounder needed some support, and they jumped all over it. For that, I thank them. Tom Fulp is a badass leading his legion of thousands of newgrounds minions. And I can't forget all the amazing people of the VAC! They were all over that, and each of them were individually devoted to helping me out. Thank you!

Unfortunately, despite Newgrounds' best efforts, in the last few hours of voting, I was tied for first place, and I received a few hundred downvotes that I'm sure had been saved up for me by my competition. I highly doubt that suddenly there were two or three hundred people that signed on to youtube, saw my video, and hated it enough to give it a 1. Look at youtube - very few users actually rate movies. They express their like or dislike in the comments section much more than using the ratings system. Anyway, the downvotes actually knocked me from having a pretty good shot at 1st down to 3rd place. I figured as much would happen, and my boss even told me I was going to get 3rd before they announced the winners. Maybe to soften the blow? That tells me he didn't like the way things ended up, which is quite perplexing since he was the one running the competition. Ah well. The time is past. It's nice to have $250 to spend on equipment right? Doesn't matter that that's 32 times less than $8000 and the cheapest piece of equipment I want is about $3000. o_O;

Hopefully next week they are going to hold the 24 Hour Challenge. In previous years, my team and I made WAC Zombies and WAC Heroes, and we have big plans for this year, so if that challenge doesn't happen, I'm going on a rampage where I uppercut babies and punt small dogs and cats. Now I'll be honest, I don't want to have to do that.

This coming weekend Claire and I are going to my house for the weekend. I've been dating this chick for over 2 years and she's only been to my house...what, twice? I must fix this! We're probably going to go to the movies 8 or 9 times, eat a bunch of Quiznos - FO' FREE - and I have a little art project planned for us as well. :D It will be great to see Daniel and Rachel and the rents, and Claire can meet Daniel's dog, Rocky! He's a crazy hyper golden retriever. I just smiled a little thinking about how funny he is.

And now I shall leave you with some pictures of my last stand up at an open mic night, and some shout outs.

My favorite story to tell about this night was when I said:

"...That doesn't work with every situation. You don't always want to date a girl because she has something you've never seen on a girl before."

"What are you getting at?" << Amusing drunk woman.


Shout out to Mike for an amazing thesis production of Some Girls. It was awesome, man. Great performance, amazing set, and it is clear that Brian really is a "fearless shit."

Another one out to Christina Izzo for winning the 60 seconds or less Challenge with The Box, my personal favorite of her shorts.

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