Friday, December 19, 2008

The radio sucks...

I took a short journey to the video store today because mi Padre y yo wanted to watch Iron Man. I realized I had forgotten my ipod which I had thought to take before I grabbed my coat. I grabbed my coat...and forgot my ipod. I stepped outside, shut the door, and remembered my ipod. Ah, whatever, I'm already outside, so of course I thought it was too much work to backtrack six or seven steps. I'm on the fasttrack, baby, try and keep up!

I got in the car and caught the ending 10 seconds of some nameless rock song, and then it went to commercial. I switched to another modern rock station...commercials, and finally the classic rock station...commercials. I hate the radio. I drove for about ten minutes listening to nothing but clips of commercials as I continued to switch between three or four radio stations like I was attempting to form new sentences with these random words I heard. I arrived at my destination, rented Iron Man and Step Brothers, and when I get back in the car, I hear the chorus of The Offspring's You're Gonna Go Far, Kid. Sweet, I love this song, but's the last chorus, and we're done! Yay. So on the way back I listened to commercials once again -- extra commercials since the jerk in front of me decided to drive 30 in a 30...IN WHALEYVILLE -- until finally a Three Day's Grace song came on. After all that, they give me Three Day's Grace? And it's Animal I Have Become, which is mediocre at best.

/Radio rant.

So Iron Man was great to see again. My dad liked it while my mom said his escape from captivity was very unrealistic. Yeah...I don't think Stan Lee was going for realistic when he created Captain America, Spider-Man, the X-Men, and Iron Man. Why's it always gotta be ***-Man, anyway? Why not chap, gent, bud, kid, or....dingo. I mean, what evil-doer wouldn't be intimidated by superheroes like The Angelic Gent or Fire-Dingo?!

Whatever. I've still got dibs on Cocktimus Prime.

Step Brothers sucked. They weren't 40 year old guys who lived with their parents, they were 8 year old characters played by 40 year old men. Nothing happened. A couple funny parts, I suppose. I'm just glad there was an unnecessarily long fart in the movie. I've gotta have something to like about it.


Michael said...

Cocktimus Prime? I literally just laughed out my house.... Hilarious.

Corey said...

Thanks, Michael. I only wish I knew which Michael you I know, perhaps?