Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have ascended to the next level! me a loser, a geek, a dork, or whatever, but I still think Dragonball Z is freakin' awesome. One of my e-buddies drew me as a Super Saiyan, and it is one of the coolest looking things EVER. If you want more info on what a Super Saiyan is, you should watch this video and gaze upon the awesome power of a Super Saiyan! Claire, watch the whole thing and you'll totally think it's awesome!

Now join me as I nerd out and take a look at Super Saiyan Corey!! The arms are a little larger than in reality in case you guys didn't know, but that waist is spot on! haha



claire said...

Wow, you've really buffed up in the last five days. And bleached your hair. I just hope you don't scream as much as that guy in the video. Awesome :P

kidjumpsearly said...

sweet shirt, man.

this is James just saying hey. I enjoy your blog a lot. as you and your work mature I only see it getting better. that said..


Erin said...

Loser. Geek. Dork.

Laura said...

COREY YOU'RE SUCH A GEEK I CAN'T STAND IT. Plus Claire would totally leave you if you wore a v-neck shirt like that. :p