Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Progress

My summer working at the MPC has been going pretty well. I've been studying and using some new programs and equipment and getting better at them. My new favorite toy is After Effects, which pretty much has limitless possibilities. Here's something I made, thanks to Andrew Kramer's tutorial at

Spooky, no?

Many windows have opened in terms of what I can do in my movies, which is great. I'm also looking at several different video contests as a way to gain some huge amounts of cash so I can finally buy a decent camera. We will see how that pans out as the fall gets closer. Brian told me about a really great camera, the Canon 5D Mk II, which doubles as a still and video camera, which would be great for production shots. The depth of field features and high light sensitivity give it amazing quality that requires little to no color correction in post production, which is awesome. It shoots in HD and really looks professional, and it's only about $2600, which, sadly, is not very much when it comes to film equipment. It'd be a fun toy, but I'm not banking on having one anytime soon.

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Aubrey said...

I just watched that like six times. It's like the funniest thing ever to me, for some reason.