Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A sad, sleepy little person

Well, I have neglected this blog for long enough, haven't I? Considered this is an "animated series," I'm going to give you all a fun fact that it takes about 9 months to make an entire episode of Family Guy start to finish. 9 months! It takes Trey Parker and Matt Stone 2 weeks to make a new South Park! So... not so bad waiting a month for another episode of me, huh? ...whatever.

So today. Today. Ah, today was not a great morning. I had a meeting with my professor this morning around 9:15. I would have been able to meet in the afternoon, but that's when my playwriting class is. I'm leading the discussion on Friday in class and we have to meet with him before hand to go over our plans. I completely forgot about the article I was supposed to read for our meeting - a 20 page essay about bringing people into war - so I read it quite late last night before I went to bed. I must have read the first paragraph 6 times... I still don't know what it meant! It was so dry. Yes, I understand you're smart, but if you want to inform someone else about this stuff, please make it easier to understand!

So I woke up at 8:30 this morning, extremely tired, and when I went to put my contacts in, they weren't in the case. Well, where else would I put them? I put them in 2 places and that's in the case or in my--DAMMIT! I slept with my contacts in! I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed before reading the article, but left my contacts in to read it. Thinking my bedtime preparation was complete, I went to sleep. I'm wearing a brand new pair too, so I hope I haven't worn them out already...while sleeping. So I was ready to go to my meeting, my eyes even more red than usual, looking like I'm high as a kite, and I head to the library. I print out the article to bring to the meeting and head to William Smith.

Ok? There's a class in our classroom, so my professor must be in his office...which is...where? I wasted a few minutes going downstairs, looking to see if my professor's office was listed, then I decided to just go to the library and find out for sure. I found his office to be in Goldstein, headed over there only to find that he had already left to teach his next class. He was teaching a 9:30 class after our meeting at 9:15. So...we were going to meet for about 5 minutes? So I walked from Goldstein back to Howard, and said to myself, "I am a sad, sleepy little person right now."

Less than an hour later, I headed back to William Smith for class and suddenly remembered that I don't have playwriting today. We're meeting individually with TM, so I can, in fact, meet with Kelty this afternoon. I went to Kelty after class, ready to apologize for missing our meeting, which apparently had about a 5-8 minute time frame, and he greated me with "Hey, Corey, we're going to meet later today, right?" Are you unaware that we were going to meet this morning? Whatever. 3's good? 3's good. I'll see you at 3.

On the bright side, I did laugh out loud at this email exchange I had with TM, my playwriting professor.

I'm pretty sure I'm meeting with you at 3, but really,
I'm not sure. I'm quite skeptical of my tricky memory.
Can you confirm my meeting time with you tomorrow
afternoon? Sorry, but thanks!

-Corey Holland

You're meeting with me at 4:00. If you show up at 3:00
I won't talk to you.



InTransitClaire said...

"Yes, I understand you're smart, but if you want to inform someone else about this stuff, please make it easier to understand!"

Haha. I concur. Also, TM is funnaay.

Laura said...

Ouch, what a rough morning. My contact/left eye was acting up all day. Not fun.

TM sounds like a fun professor to have this semester! Entertaining emails, weird noises, etc.

Aubrey said...

I hate falling asleep with my contacts in. I wake up with my eyes all crusty. Maybe you didn't need to know that. Anyway, it's very confusing for me, waking up with everything all sharp. Too sharp for morning. Morning is supposed to be fuzzy.

Also, I had almost the exact same thing happen to me today. I took a nap, woke up just in time to rush to my meeting for Playwrighting, didn't have a copy of my play (grabbed my laptop instead), got to the drama department trailer park to realize I wasn't sure which trailer it was, panicked, stepped in Will Smith to think, realized I was not going to accomplish anything by pacing up and down the hall, went back outside, thought about going home, decided to go to the library to check, confirmed trailer number, and arrived at my meeting late with the words, "These trailers freak me out." Maybe we're leading the same life.